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My Great American Eclipse Adventure

My Great American Eclipse 2024 escapade reads like a cosmic adventure, where the universe played its own game of hide-and-seek with the sun.

Fredericksburg, TX, my celestial rendezvous point, was the stage for this grand spectacle. I, armed with knowledge from classes, an arsenal of gear, and hours of practice, stood ready to capture the cosmic ballet. But lo and behold, Mother Nature—that whimsical artist—decided to add her brushstrokes to the canvas. And what did she choose? Not just a few clouds, but a whole cloud orchestra!

Yet, in the midst of this cloudy drama, I managed to steal glimpses of totality—a cosmic waltz where the moon and sun twirled together. My camera clicked, capturing those precious moments like a cosmic collage.

And here’s the magic: It wasn’t a total bust! Why?

  1. Companionship: I was surrounded by my favorite people—the kindred souls who shared my awe and wonder. Together, we formed a constellation of camaraderie, laughing at the cosmic irony and sipping metaphorical starlight.

  2. Nature’s Encore: Mother Nature, despite her cloudy mischief, still knew how to put on a show. Darkness descended, and I glimpsed that solitary star—a celestial wink. Then, in a cosmic sprint, the sun raced back out, as if chasing dawn itself. The fastest sunrise ever!

  3. The Eternal Album: Sure, the photos I envisioned might have eluded my lens, but the memories etched in my heart are priceless. The awe, the camaraderie, the starlit laughter—they’re constellations in my personal sky.

So, I will let those memories linger—a celestial slideshow of clouds, stars, and shared wonder. And who knows? Maybe the universe has another eclipse in store, where the clouds part, the sun winks, and my camera captures magic. Until then, I will keep stargazing, keep chasing sunrises, and keep weaving memories under the cosmic canopy.

Photo captions:

  1. A telephoto composite from the partial phases and totality. Clouds completely blocked any photos after totality.

  2. Close up of totality--you can see the clouds, but I did get some prominences. 

  3. A wide-angle shot of the sky before the eclipse started.

  4. A wide-angle shot of totality.  You can see the sun at totality  and one star!

  5. Me and my camera set-up.

  6. My trusty helper and cheerleader Hayden who was amazed with all my camera gear.

  7. My peeps.  We had a blast.  


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