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I'm Janis Connell and JanisCArtistry is my venue for sharing my fine art in photography and glass mosaics and fusing.

After retiring from Corporate America in 2014, I have been remaking myself into an artist, photographer, and traveler. My husband and I bought an RV and have been seeing the US for over six years now. I cherish our US National Parks (and all our public lands) and I have a goal to visit all 62 of them and I'm over halfway there having visited 33 (our dog has been to 22 parks!). I love to experience nature via hiking, biking, and especially from my portable hammock!

I have learned over time that I can do things I never thought would be possible. Through determination and persistence, I've become a photographer, ridden my bike across Iowa (RAGBRAI), hiked the Grand Canyon several times, and summited Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. If you'd told me 20 years ago that these things were going to happen, I would have had a good belly laugh over it. But, they did happen and I'm here to tell you about these adventures through stories and photographs.

My current adventure is happening in Durango, CO, our new hometown. We arrived via RV here in April of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic and we are still here... We bought 36 acres just outside of town and we are building our dream home. I have been having a blast exploring SW Colorado and all the Four Corners area has to offer.

I'm lucky to be living my dream. I can't wait to see what's next.

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Friends of Pando
Richfield, UT
July 1 - July 31 2022

Mancos, CO
June 18


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